The PMI process may seem complicated, but it is quite simple. Create backup files of all maps before continuing. Create another backup folder with subfolders for whatever mods are done.

1: Make a folder called PMI

2: In that, make a folder called build and BSP

3: Open HMT, and select an unchanged multiplayer map (death island for example)

4: Go to tools->Extract->Batch Extract. When it says where, select the build folder and click Extract Metadata. Then Extract

5: Minimize that small window, and go to Tools->Extract-> BSP/Model sections. Extract it to the BSP folder

6: When those are finished, open up any single player map (a30 for example)

7.1: If a vehicle (pelican) is wanted, open up the vehicle tab and select pelican(or anything else). Click the Recursive box, and save the meta to the build folder.

7.2: If an AI is wanted, select the biped, the actv, the actr, and recursively save their metas to the build folder. The actual AI process will be explained later

8: Go to Tools->Generate offset list/CSV file(something like that, it is at the bottom of the Tools dropdown bar)

9: Save the file to the PMI folder.

10: Go to Tools->Extract->Raw model.

11: Select the CSV file in the PMI folder

12: Find a model (pelican, or whatever, the pelican is the example), click it, and extract it to PMI->Build->Vehicles->(The vehicle)/Pelican, and save it.

13: Minimize all windows, and go to the maps folder in the Halo: Combat Evolved directory. Copy death island/(The map) into the build folder.

14: Open HMT again, and go to Tools->Model Decrapper/BSP Builder

15: Right-click the big white box, and add the required models that are extracted. (For the pelican, go to PMI->Build->Vehicles->Pelican, and select the file)

16: For the bottom three boxes, Click browse and go to the BSP folder and click the required file.

17: Hit the big black bar at the bottom

18: When that is finished, open up the PMI->BSP folder, and find deathisland.sbsp.meta, or the chosen map, and copy it.

19: Paste it into the PMI->Build->Levels->Test->Death island/(The map)

20: Go back to HMT, and go to Tools->Rebuild Map.

21: Browse for the map, and click fill in all

22: Right-click the big white box, and click add. Go to PMI->Build->Vehicles->Pelican/(The Vehicle)

23: Select EVERY file,(FILE, not the FOLDERS) in there. Then Click add, and do the same for the bitmaps, effects, and shaders

24: Click Rebuild map. If done correctly, no errors should be received. When it asks for new vertices/indices, find the files in the PMI->BSP folder. MAKE SURE to select the new files. Then use the modified offset.

25: Open the PMI->Build folder and copy the and paste it onto the desktop. Rename it to

26: Open HMT again, and open the new file on the desktop. Go to Vehicles and find the pelican. Go to seat, and rename P-driver, to W-driver, allowing it to be driven

27: Copy the meta, and paste it over the scorpion's meta

28: Hit the save button, and close HMT

29: Open the Halo:CE maps directory and move the file into it. Click replace

30: Close all windows, and start up Halo:CE

31: Create a 2-player LAN game and load death island. As long as the process was done correctly, it should have a normal pelican sitting in front of each base

Instructions for AI:

1: After making the map with the actr, actv, and bipd of, say, an elite, open up Halo Hacking Tools v5

2: Open the map, and go to vehicles

3: Find the ghost, and replace the actv (second from the bottom) with the elite actv

4: Save it and close HHT

5: Start Halo:CE, and if a ghost is come across, the elite will fire.

If all done correctly, it should have fighting AI and drivable wraiths, pelicans, and lifepods!