The Mythos is a human vehicle made by Tiamat.

Design and ConceptEdit

The Mythos is basically a railgun on legs.

The Mythos Mobile Artillery is a unit that was put into use in late 2552 and was extremely rare. The Mythos uses converted covenant plasma torpedo technology and puts it into a groundside shell, which is highly mobile and packs heavy firepower. The Mythos has only a single weapon: its main cannon. The main cannon has high range and high firepower, and also has a integrated tracking system which allows it to track vehicles and aircraft. While it can attack aircraft and vehicles at long range, it requires an escort to be able to take them down at close range. It can mow down packs of infantry with ease, and due to its four legs, stability is high and it can handle a variety of terrain.

Its most well known appearances are Coldsnap, Hugeass, and Extinction.

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