Instinction is a mod to halo trial/demo made by AID, as a Sequel to the popular halo ce map Extinction by DA:Ender. The Genocide eliminates the Covenant and proceed to assist the UNSC in space, but due to Covenant reinforcements and the damage of the Genocide the crew of the Genocide evacuate to the Destoryer UNSC Camel Hump, which took three direct heads from plasma torpedo to its hull and crashes once again in the desert landscape of halo, but bringing a few covenant CCS-class cruisers with it by hitting them with mac cannons and archer missle pods.

New Vehicles:

Halo 3 Longsword

Halo 2 Banshee

Gauss Warthog


AA Wraith


New Weapons:

Spartan Laser

Brute Shot

Brute Mauler

Brute Spiker

Warthog Turrent

c4 (dropped by longsword)


More Screenshots and Download link at

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