Halo-3-20070923023731567 640w.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Hunter's in the middel and on the left. (NOTE!!: This is in Halo 3.)]]
Halo-3-20070923023731567 640w

Hunter's in the middle and on the left.

The Hunter Mod is a mod involving a Hunter being placed in a multiplayer map.


Using ItEdit

To use it you have to insert the cheat: bump_possession_01



You can use it by bumping into it (well obviously).

Getting it into multiplayerEdit

First, go to edit to the Hunter's Tag.

Second, if you have Halo: Custom Edition you can bring the tag to any multiplayer map in Halo: Custom Edition (I Prefer Blood Gulch or any viarent of that map) just drag the tag to the map tag and There you go!!!