H3MT Narrows Beta

H3MT Narrows is a map replication of Halo 3's, Narrows. The most current version was done by H3MT, Narrows Beta, the map contained H3MT Halo 3 weapons, and powerups.


H3MT Narrows is a remake of Halo 3's Narrows. H3MT Narrows is expected to be done very well, and is being followed by H3MT Foundry, and another addition, yet to be said. Not much has been said about the final map, but it is hoped and said to be good.

About The BETAEdit

Although H3MT Narrows Beta was heavily leaked, the map is still being created. H3MT Narrows Beta had many glitches, bad respawn times, and a unique HUD that was a beta as well. The map has been reaped of all its content, as the Narrows Beta was never locked.

New FeaturesEdit

H3MT Narrows will feature new bipeds, weapons, equipment, and power-ups.