Essentially everything, from Warthogs to machine gun turrets to just the lone player, can be modded to fly in all Halo games.


  • The flying player(s) can easily see the entire battlefield.
  • Provides a place from which to snipe or bombard with explosives.
  • Vehicles such as a Warthog or a Scorpion tank can launch effective airstrikes.
  • Provides quick, unhampered transport across a map.
  • In Halo 2 and 3, where there is no fall damage, one can attack with "paratroops."


  • All airborne players can be easily seen.
  • If the driver of a vehicle is killed, the vehicle will fall to the ground; this can lead to former passengers trapped in enemy territory and a free vehicle for the enemy team.

Halo 1 How-toEdit

With basic modding experience, and Phenomena's 64 Plugin Pack, making characters and vehicles fly is very simple. Note that you only need the Plugins to make characters fly.

  • Vehicles
    • Open Halo Map Tools and go down to the vehicles section. Now, choose the vehicle you wish to make fly by clicking on it. Now, if you look to the right, you should see a little tabe. Check "Pelican/Dropship". Hit save. That's it. There are many other things to do to balance out the flying, but that's an entirely different thing.
  • Characters
    • Open Halo Map Tools and open the Biped section. Click on Cyborg or Cyborg_MP for Multiplayer. This is assuming there has been no PMIing. Now scroll down untill you see a little box that says "Flying" and check it if unchecked. Now set all of the areas with 0s with your choice of number. Hit save. There may be a few problems to begin with, but your character can now fly.
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