Codyfields image from Halo Maps.

Codyfields is a modification of the Ice fields map, featured with Halo Custom Edition. The map has reduced rock count, new vehicles, and some new scenery.


Codyfields is Helipad Studios' first map release, it was released on December 24, 2008, as a Christmas Present to Halo Maps. This is the first map to feature only "real vehicles". Other than new scenery, less rocks, and new vehicles, the map is the same. No weapons, power ups, or spawns have been changed.Map is Locked

Map FeaturesEdit


New SceneryEdit

  • HS Barrel
  • HS Gas Can
  • HS Broken Ranger
  • HS Tire 1
  • HS Tire 2
  • FO2 Destroyed Truck
  • FO2 Destroyed Car


No change.

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