Halo Mods
[: Overview :]:

Cliff Mods for Halo Trial are very common. They consists of teleporters at the bases and all around Blood Gulch, hidden or visible, which would teleport players to the cliff area around Blood Gulch. The cliff areas usually have turrets or rocket warthogs to use as turrets, and some have sniper rifles, rocket launchers and Fuel Rod guns on them. The purpose of the mod is to basically promote sniping in Blood Gulch.

[: History :]:

The first cliff mod was originally an idea by the Modder Naked Chick, who made the first Cliff mod for Halo Trial. After that, other Modders have tried to imitate or improve on this mod. Today, there are many cliff Mods for Halo Trial.

[: Popularity :]:

Cliff Mods were popular as they are CSS (Cascading Server Side) , as random online users can join such Modded servers without having the mod.

[: Versions :]:

There are all together 3 versions of the original Cliff Mod. There is no news of a fourth version. Version 1 has been deleted by Naked Chick. Version 3 is Version 2 Enhanced. It has a couple of new vehicle skins.

A Turret On A Cliff

Sniping From A Cliff

Shooting From A Rocket Warthog On The Cliff

[: Downloads :]:

Cliff Mod V1: [Link Removed]

Cliff Mod V2: http://files.filefront.com/Cliff+Mod+v2/;6478228;/fileinfo.html

Cliff Mod V2 Enhanced: http://files.filefront.com/Halo+Trial+Cliff+Mod+Maps/;4367895;/fileinfo.html