CMT SPv2 is a complete overhaul for Halo: CE's campaign. Almost everything in the campaign is changed and upgraded. It started a developement in same year as CMT SPv1 released. The mod itself was first supposed to be fixed version of SPv1, but then the team desided to make it the best they could. They had worked almost 4 years. They have created and upgraded so many things, but almost half of the content had been cut, because of the limited tag space of the map.The SPv2 mod was canceled by CMT because of the loss in interest. CMT shut down the same day as the canceled SPV2, ending the mod until Masters1337, the leader of CMT, gets more support.

Mod features.Edit

One of the main policies is that all of the tags, in all of the maps will be same, example the assault rifle will be modded in one map, and then extracted to the other maps. This is known to many modders as tagset. It is supposed to be more fun than the original campaign, as there is so many new weapons, upgrades to existing weapons, new sounds and skins, A.I. behaviour changes, amongst many other things. A Footstep effect has been also upgraded, it will create an effect in every environment, but because of the tagspace, every biped has same effect, except hunters. Weapons also make this effect.


Many new weapons have been added, like battle rifle and covenant carbine. Weapons which were not usable before, like sentinel beam and hunter gun, can now be used. Weapons which didnt appear in some levels, can be used in those levels.


The mod features many new vehicles, and the existing vehicles are largely modified. The vehicles use new engine, which allows easier controll and wont kill anything which it touches. Every vehicle is now destructible, including turrets and spirits, but excluding pelicans.

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