The Spongebob Mod is a mod on the multiplayer map "Blood Gulch" for Halo: Combat Evolved created by guy8. Videos can be seen of this mod on YouTube, however, some videos may differ slightly from others, though they still are basically the same.


The mod changes almost everything about the weapons, map, and even the player so much the only thing the same is the shape and scale of everything. Among the things changed are (Note: Many cosmetic changes, such as the Warthog coloring, have been left out, with only relevant and/or noticeable changes listed.)

  • The sky has been replaced with the "flower clouds" of the Spongebob series.
  • The bases are now yellow and orange to make them resemble Spongebob's home.
  • The player has the color and texture of a sponge.
  • The Plasma Pistol fires clones of the player (they have no AI, so they do nothing). Its overcharge spawns a Warthog on top of the player, killing him.
  • The ground is blue to give the feeling of underwater sand.
  • The Frag Grenades are now Rockets.
  • The MA5B Assault Rifle fires Fuel Rods
  • Mermaid Man, a Spongbob character, is on (or, as the video says, "trapped in") all rocks in the level.
  • The M90 Shotgun fires multiple other Shotguns.
  • The Plasma Rifle has a faster rate of fire and does not overheat.
  • Gravity for death animations is greatly reduced.
  • The Banshee fires rockets instead of a Fuel Rod Gun.
  • The Sniper Rifle is fully automatic
  • The Warthog's M41 LAAG fires Fuel Rods.


  • The original mod was created in February of 2007 by guy8.
  • All weapons except the Assault Rifle have unlimited ammo.
  • The same mod and video were slightly edited and re- released by several users on YouTube.
  • The video is under the name xGatorsrokx in which guy8 and Gatorsrok share.


YouTube videos

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